April 3rd, 2012

Alumni Spotlight: Early Victory for Michael Schraa

Michael Schraa, an Oshkosh WI small business owner, has already taken on a career politician and won. State Rep. Dick Spanbauer announced he is retiring. Spanbauer was a RINO who voted against Gov Walker’s famous Budget Repair Bill last spring. That vote and others like them didn’t sit well with Michael Schraa. He decided to pursue a primary challenge against Spanbauer. 

Schraa has taken a stand for conservative leaders and issues in the past but this is his first run for political office. He previously has put up yard signs in front of his business, Leon’s Frozen Custard in Oshkosh. Because of these signs, the local teachers union decided to boycott his business. But Schraa didn’t back down. Their boycott only further encouraged him to get off the sidelines and into the game. 

Schraa attended an American Majority candidate training last November. About the training Schraa said I “felt more emboldened after sitting in on the training and hearing others stepping forward about bringing fiscal responsibility back to government.” He felt “motivated not to sit on the sidelines” and “found it very helpful.” Since he is “coming in green,” he appreciated how American Majority talked about vote goals and coming up with a win number, broken down by wards so that he can target the important townships he’ll need to win. 

Spanbauer’s retirement is a testament to the credible conservative challenge that Schraa posed to him.  It also is a sign of how conservatives are continuing to take control away from the Old Guard in Wisconsin. 

Schraa still faces a long campaign in front of him to win the Assembly seat, but he already is a part of forcing a career politician to retire from the State Assembly. 

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