September 18th, 2012

American Majority Formally Launches Watchdog Group as Independent Organization

Media Trackers Made Headlines Exposing Corruption in WI Recall Election, OH Union Scams, Government Waste

Purcellville, VA…September 18, 2012— After more than a year of making headlines around the country as a media and government watchdog group exposing bias and corruption, American Majority has announced that Media Trackers will become its own, independent national organization. Since its inception, Media Trackers has been a program of American Majority, the nation’s leading conservative grassroots training organization.  

Media Trackers made headlines by uncovering clear instances of bias in the judiciary and union corruption during the recent Wisconsin recall.  Recently, the group also exposed supposed “taxpayer” organizations in Ohio to be nothing more than union-funded front groups to deceive the public during critical public policy debates. 

“When my brother Drew conceptualized the idea of Media Trackers, we hoped it would be the conservative answer to Media Matters, but it has developed into much more than a media watchdog group,” states Ned Ryun, Founder and President of American Majority.  “The aggressive model Drew and Media Trackers has developed is producing hundreds of investigations, stories and red flags that include government corruption, uncovering waste and exposing the political slight-of-hand that is meant to mislead the public.” 

In May, Media Trackers opened additional offices in Florida, Ohio, Colorado, and Montana.  Over the last year, Media Trackers staff of researchers and writers have exposed public corruption as well as media bias on a non-partisan basis, hitting independent groups, Democrats, and Republicans who violate the public trust.

“American Majority has been proud to be the incubator of this effort.   We are excited in anticipation of the work Media Trackers will do now as an independent, sustainable entity,” continued Ryun.  “It is our hope that there will be dozens more offices in the near future.” 

“This is an exciting opportunity to take a proven concept and expand it to its full potential,” states Drew Ryun, President and Founder of the newly independent Media Trackers.  “Our staff is producing results every day in the hope of giving public officials and the media pause before thinking they can continue to get away with bias, fraud, waste and abuse.”

About American Majority

American Majority is the leading developer of the nation’s new 21st century grassroots political infrastructure.  The organization uses its cutting edge curriculum to empower individuals and organizations with the most effective tools to promote liberty through limited government. American Majority trains thousands of activists and candidates each year in communities across the country to be catalysts for authentic change in government.  The non-profit, non-partisan organization is dedicated to developing a new generation of American elected and opinion leadership that will reject the self-destructive policies associated with government expansion and promote policies that will lead to national and community growth and success. 

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